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21st Century Classroom

Amphi Foundation Puts 21st C. Technology in The Classroom

In January 2007, the Amphi Foundation, through a generous grant from BHP Copper Inc., launched the 21st Century Classroom Technology Initiative to provide Amphi students and teachers with durable classroom technologies, beginning with SMART Boards.

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We’ve fully funded SMART Boards in each of Amphi’s 21 schools and matched donations from individuals and PTO’s.

However, much work remains to be done to ensure that Amphitheater schools are equipped with the technologies our teachers and students need.

What’s the next new classroom technology?

This year, The Amphi Foundation funded $40,000 to purchase 3D printers and laptops for our classrooms which promote a “hands on, minds on” learning experience for our students. Devices in the hands of students!  We are committed to investing $40,000 or more each year to continue to support the 21st century technology initiative that promotes academic excellence.

Funds to the Classrooms.

All of Amphitheater’s schools are qualified to receive funding under the 21st C. Classroom Technology Initiative. There is no needs-based formula. As the “knowledge gap” widens, technological know-how is as important in determining a high school graduate’s potential as his or her socioeconomic background. So, the most logical course is to first identify a needed technology and then ensure that every student has access to it.

We leave the decision of which classrooms to equip to school principals, in consultation with their staffs and teachers, who know best which grades or subjects will benefit most, and which teachers are the most ready and willing to learn the technology and incorporate it into their classrooms.


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