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Academic Travel Support

The Amphitheater Public School District encourages students to participate in a variety of academic team competitions to challenge their knowledge and proficiency in math, science, social sciences, and the arts.

We are proud to reward academic achievement, team spirit, and competition by helping to underwrite travel expenses for those students whose teams will compete in academic competitions at the regional or national level. Each school year we provided over $6,000 in travel stipends to assist students attending Odyssey of the Mind World Championships, Academic Decathlon Nationals, and the We the People Invitational.

In 2018, The Amphi Foundation provided $10,450 in travel stipends to assist over 80 students traveling out of state for academic competitions such as Odyssey of the Mind, Academic Decathlon and more.

“The experience of attending OM World finals is life changing for every one of my students/team members. For many of them, it was their first airplane ride, first time traveling out of state, and first time traveling without parents. The confidence they gained from the experience is immeasurable.

To see the expression on the students’ faces as they boarded the airplane, checked into their dorm rooms, attended Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and successfully competed at World Finals is the most rewarding experience any coach/teacher could ever have!”

~Vanessa Hill, Odyssey of the Mind Coach