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Classroom Mini Grants

We are proud and excited to be able to offer classroom mini grants each school year. Funding for these grants come from the “Hands High for Amphi” direct giving campaign at our annual Gala each spring as well as from private donors.

During the 2021-22 school year, 51 teachers at 19 Amphi schools received classroom grants totaling $40,290 to fund innovative learning opportunities for our students!

Thank you to our community for supporting Amphi’s teachers, staff, & students!



Students in 4th and 5th grade at Innovation Academy are seen here busy working with snap circuits provided through a Classroom Mini Grant.

“This photo shows the kids engaged in an engineering experience together. They stayed like this for over an hour learning, discussing, and problem-solving. The grant we received in building C has given us a gift beyond measure! Thank you for giving our students experiences that will change them, mold them, and make them better people who will care for their community because they can see what happens to a child that matters to the community!”

~Mrs. Tilicki, Classroom teacher


The Amphi Foundation is grateful for the district’s commitment to the arts and we were proud to provide funding through our Classroom Mini Grant program to Wilson K-8 School for their new mural.

“We started early in the year by discussing what a mural is, why artists create murals and looking at murals in our community as well as other prominent murals. With this knowledge, students brainstormed and sketched ideas that they thought would be important to include in a design relevant to our school. The most popular themes were friendship, kindness, acceptance, academics/specials, lunch and play!

Committees of students in fourth and fifth grade compiled the ideas and came up with the final design. Art club students primed all the boards before the painting could begin. Different grades painted sections of the rainbow and the hearts using all fingerprints. The older students on the committees have been rotating and coming in during their lunch time to help complete the small and final details. We still have a bit to complete but the students have certainly learned a lot about the design process, collaboration and the impact of murals in our community!”

~Mrs. Terran and Mrs. Hitt, Art Teachers