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MathPLUS+ Tutors Help Students Master Mathematics

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The MathPLUS+ tutoring program began at Ironwood Ridge High School in 2002 to help the approximately 30% of 9th grade students who were having trouble with basic algebra. Building upon its success, the program was later expanded to 11th and 12th graders who had had not passed the AIMS test needed for graduation. Over 90% of the students who successfully completed the programs “AIMS Prep” course passed the AIMS test. The AIMS Prep course was subsequently implemented at the other two Amphitheater High Schools.MathPLUS photo2

In 2008, the year that the MathPLUS+ program became affiliated with the Amphi Foundation, the program was expanded to grades 3 – 8 at the Coronado K-8 School. It helped to raise the AIMS pass rate for those grades at Coronado by about 20%.

Today, approximately 60 volunteer tutors remain at the Coronado K-8 School helping to implement math courses that meet the new Arizona Math Standards in grades 3 – 8.

High School students in Arizona must now complete four required math courses to graduate (Algebra I, II, Geometry, and Statistics or Intermediate Algebra). Students who do not pass one or more of these courses retake the courses using a computer- based teaching and testing program.  Currently 7 volunteer and 10 paid University of Arizona math students tutor in that lab. These tutors have helped almost every student in the lab complete the course they had previously failed.