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Summer Programs

Keeling Summer Fitness Program

At Helen Keeling Elementary School, 50-60 students get to stay at school in between meals for the indoor Summer Fitness Program. At our April 2019 Board meeting, we heard more about it from teacher and coordinator Brett Daglio. Then, we presented him with a check to cover the upcoming 2019 program.

Funding for the Summer Fitness Program comes from one donor who believes in the importance of providing safe, healthy, free activities for kids during the summer. We’re so grateful for their support!

Summer Youth Basketball

We are a proud sponsor of Amphitheater High School’s Summer Youth Basketball program. This long-running program, open to all Amphi students, promotes fitness, team play, and a safe summer. To enroll your child in Summer Youth Basketball, please contact:

Ben Hurley, Varsity Coach
Amphi High School



Summer Home Visits at Holaway