A strong education for our future generations is one of the greatest gifts we, as a community, can impart. Therefore, we are proud to support students, educators and schools with a variety of funding sources, thanks to the help of our generous community.

We know that teachers are our students’ greatest resource, so we place a significant financial priority on providing resources directly to classroom by awarding Classroom Grants. The grants provide materials and resources that fall outside school budgets, but have a lasting impact on student success. They also help provide equity in education and encourage new, innovative programs to bolster overall quality of education in the classroom. Over the years, we have provided grants that fund new musical instruments, hands-on technology, science experiments, family literacy nights, book sets, P.E. equipment, STEM gardens, flexible seating, and more. These grants typically range from $500-$2,000 each, but we are flexible and open to listening to the needs of individual classrooms or schools. Amphi educators can apply at any time and awards are granted four times a school year.

In August each year, we do our part to welcome Amphi’s brand new teachers by awarding $250 Classroom Start-up Grants to those who are brand new to the profession. These funds help offset the expenses associated with setting up a classroom for the very first time. We believe teaching is one of the most important professions in our community and we are proud to offer this support to set teachers off on a great start.

The Full STEAM Ahead program is aimed at paying for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) project materials that educators would otherwise likely pay for out of their own pockets. Each school has an Amphi Foundation gift card that educators can use to buy consumable materials for classroom projects, such as vinegar, flour, clay or popsicle sticks – things that can add up over the course of a school year. During the 2023-24 school year, we’re grateful to announce that this program is sponsored by Tucson Electric Power.  

In 2023, we completed a five-year initiative to invest $10,000 into every elementary and middle school, in partnership with the Amphitheater Public School District’s strategic plan, to build a Makerspace in each school. This was one of our most ambitious goals to date. Our investment empowered schools to ensure that these collaborative learning spaces are outfitted with robotics, building tools & materials, 3D printers, sewing machines, glue guns & fasteners, and more for students to tinker, build, innovate & learn. 



Areas of Focus



Basics like clothing, shoes, and hygiene supplies for our students, so they can go to school and be ready to learn.





Grants for educators with funding and support for technology, makerspaces, STEM & fine arts programs.





Literacy support, summer programs, athletic fee waivers, academic travel stipends, scholarships, and more.